I have been working in private company since 13 years and I haven’t gotten any salary increment since 2015. Please note that my annual review appraisal is very good with very high score since 2007. I just want to know that based on Kuwait Labor Law if I am entitled to a yearly salary review or increment according to the cost of living and yearly inflation in Kuwait.


ANSWER: The Kuwait Labor Law is silent about the issues you raised in your query and hence not actionable. Individual companies in their attempt to maintain the best of their employees, may take up these issues as part of their company policy and hence incorporate them in the contracts they sign with their employees. If the issue of salary review  or increment is part of your contract then the company has the obligation to see to it that you enjoy that right and if for, one reason or the other it cannot be possible you must demand to know the reasons behind that and when it will be possible for you to enjoy it.


Source: Arab times