Sandigan Kuwait Launches it’s Online Support Ticketing System

Sandigan Kuwait launches it’s Online Support Ticketing System to further improve it’s service to Migrant Workers in Kuwait.

To REPORT OR INQUIRE, simply register or login to our website. You need an account to submit a support ticket to us. Once login you can see on the menu the following buttons My Inquiry, New Request and Logout. My Inquiry buttons displays all the requests that you submitted to us including it corresponding status. New Request button let you send new ticket for us to attend with. The logout button logs your account to our website, its highly recommended to logout on our website if you are finished using it for your security.

With our new system, it helps us on managing the support request of any migrant workers that need help. This will also make more efficient and fast resolution of issues that migrant workers faces.

Additionally, if a volunteer is online in our chat system, registered users can also use the chat service for real time help. We have also Knowledge Base that you can visit and check for most frequently asked questions.

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